What happended to: Etherman, Interman, Packetman, Loadman, Geotraceman, Analyser?

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Hi all,

Back in the 1990's I have used these tools from Curtin University when
they were available for free in binary form and for Unix only platforms:
Etherman, Interman, Packetman, Loadman, Geotraceman, Analyser.  These
programs were awesome (but a little buggy at the time) and now, 10 years
later these tools disappeared and no longer exist!

Yes, there is etherape modeled after Etherman - but I found Interman
a real interesting tool too.  But this is not my question... why are
these tools no longer available from Curtin?  Did Curtin decide to sell
these tools to some private company or gov't agency and/or did they somehow
vaccummed up and removed all these binaries from the Internet Community?
I can not find it ANYWHERE!

BTW:  I have the binaries for Sun4c and still have my old sun4c system
and have no problem in starting it up and running these monitoring tools
but I am curious as to why and when are these very tools are no longer available!

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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