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Tom Horsley <tomhorsley <at>> writes:

> Just curious:
> Suppose I have a system with several separate boot partitions
> on it and several version of linux on the different partitions.
> Can I install the Xen kernel on one of them, then teach Xen
> to run the existing kernels from the other boot partitions
> as guests?
> Or does Xen insist on being the one who installed things to
> be able to run them?
> Let's make it an even bigger challenge: Suppose the kernels
> are a mix of i386 and x86_64 kernels, can Xen run mixed
> architecture guests at the same time?
> (There is so much marketing hyperbabble on the Xen web sites,
> I can't ever seem to find the answer to concrete questions
> like this .
In response to your questions....,

Why not just migrate your boot images to another drive, install 
and configure Xen, then migrate the images to your new Xen-
Domains? By the time you fish all over the net for answers that,
for all you  know, may not even be there, you could have finished
the above procedure and have your "Xen-Server" up and running.
                                                  - - Benster!

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