Tool to convert to RAID1?

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Is there a tool to simplify the conversion from a plain partition
to one that can be mirrored on the fly?  Maybe I've finally found
something that is easier in Windows...

The reason I ask is that in the huge list of downloadable
VMWare appliances at
there is one called the 'Reflection Virtual Appliance'
that boots a scripted fedora image which presents some
iscsi targets and a web server to provide the click by
click instructions of what to do on the windows side to
convert drives to dynamic, add mirrors, and sync to the
iscsi partitions.  When the sync is finished, you can
shut down the real machine, boot the newly created image
and be running on vmware with only the downtime for the
reboot.   It's such a good idea I'd like to be able to
do it from Linux boxes too - and it probably will work
easily if the system was built with RAID1.  The hard part
is the conversion if it wasn't.

  Les Mikesell

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