Re: Checking internet connection without a winbox

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On 02/07/06, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Run traceroute to various places and note where the delays or
dropped packets start.  Normally you will see a response from
every router in the path and the round trip time for three
packets.  Some may block the ports used or the icmp response
so a '*' response isn't necessarily a problem, especially
if it picks up on subsequent hops.  Keep in mind that the
time is for the round trip and problems can happen in either
direction.  If you see consistent delays or drops happening
somewhere, paste the traceroute into an email to your ISP.

Thanks, Les. I started doing mtr, and discovered that the router is
dropping ~2% of the packets, the infrastructure is dropping ~14% of
the packets, and the ISP is dropping ~8% of the packets. all the other
hops are losing between 2% to 10% as well. What values are considered
normal? Thanks.

Dotan Cohen

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