New Motherboard Install

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It appears that my current motherboard is flaking out on me.  It is 6
yrs old so I got my money's worth out of it for sure!

What is the prevailing thought on replacing a MB in an existing system?

I really want to preserve what I can in terms of applications and
configurations.  Obviously, all the I/O will be different. Video,
audio, and  LAN concerns do give me pause.

The PC has two hard disks:  One 30 GB where most everything resides
and one 80GB which is my /home partition.

The options seem to be:
1) Pop the new MB in and hope that Kudzu figures everything out
2) Reinstall FC5 over my existing setup
3) Blow away everything on my 30 GB disk and start mostly from
scratch, using my various backed up .conf files?


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