Re: several discrepancies with new -2139 kernel.

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Gene Heskett wrote:
> Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Lonni J Friedman wrote:
>>>> That looks like a BIOS bug.  The BIOS routes the IRQs most of the
>>>> time. Have you verified that you're using the latest BIOS?
>>> Hp seems to have those rather well hidden, url please?
>> I started at:
>> And it seems that the;
>> HP Pavilion zv5300 Notebook PC series   
>>    HP Pavilion zv5320us Notebook PC
>> Is what you have?
>> That got me to:
>> Does that help?
> Only if its applicable to  DV5120US.

Well, it seems that DV5120US applies to multiple systems.  But, it seems
that the tech specs on the zv5320us Notebook PC match what you say you AMD processor.  Go look at the specs for that PC and see if it
yours.  There are other identifying numbers that can be used to verify it.

> And I  did find that tree, thank you.  Unforch it appears I'll have to
> reboot to XP to access the site, so I bookmarked it.  But that leads to
> how in heck do I transfer that bookmark to XP & its ntfs file system?

You write it to a text file and put it on your USB flash disk or another
system that you can then access from XP?

I had no problems to access the site using firefox on Linux.  So, not
sure where your problem is...unless you have javascript disabled.  The
site needs it enabled to work properly.

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