Re: Cooperative Bug Isolation for Fedora Core 5

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Ben Liblit wrote:
I wrote:
Nothing is ever sent until you confirm that you want to participate, which is a one-time thing that looks a lot like this: <>.

Once you've confirmed that you want to participate, reports are sent automatically after all runs, whether they crash or not.

Oops, I should also point out that you can *stop* participating any time you want. You can stop permanently by going back to official Fedora packages, of course. You can also temporarily suspend reporting at any time, either for individual applications or for everything all at once.

The top of <> ("Your Computer, Your Choice") has some more information and a few screen shots showing how you can check what CBI is doing and turn things on or off on the fly.

We prefer that you leave CBI on all the time, and just continue to use your machine normally. But ultimately it is *your* machine, so we keep you in charge.

Is this similar to what the Fedora Automated Test Suite referred to in the below link aims to accomplish?

Having automated programs to diagnose problems does sound like it will aid in getting more information back to improve Linux program versions.


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