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Up to about a year ago, I did everything from source.  This was
primarily due to features and bug fixes were very slow to be implemented
in the standard RPM's.

I didn't have a very good handle on RPM at the time, so I'd download the
source and recompile.  This worked OK for a while, but when I had to
support several instances on production servers, this began to become a
tedious job.

RPM's are the best way of handling software on production web/database
servers. Just get comfy with RPM and download all the patches.

Many times I will have updated RPM's that are three rev's higher than
the distro, and when a new release from Fedora occurs, I'll back-out of
my version of the RPM and update with the official RPM.  That way I can
feel a bit more secure that more people have had their eyes on the
source and most of the patch bugs have been worked out.


On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 19:42 -0500, Jeff Vian wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 12:10 -0700, Tom Spec wrote:
> > Does anyone have any pros/cons of installing MySQL/Apache/PHP with
> > yum/rpms vs compiling it all from source?   I have always done them
> > from source, but I thought I'd see what other people are doing.  Do
> > you think there would be any difference in performance either way?
> > 
> I have always used the distribution method of install (yum for Fedora)
> and it "just works".
> I did not want the hassle of trying to do it from scratch and maybe
> forgetting to install a library/development package that was needed but
> easily overlooked.
> Probably an insignificant difference in performance, if any.
> > Tom
> > 
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