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Bill Polhemus wrote:
One of the difficulties with using Fedora (or Linux in general) as a desktop system is the greater demand on the user's general computer savvy. Of course, software written for Windows (and even the Mac) assumes a certain naivete on the part of the end-user, and they package, advertise and deploy software with that in mind.

For some time, I have been using this product for Windows <>, which allows me to record streaming audio as I play it from one of the on-demand music services. Nice thing about it is, you're still paying for the music, but you can save and play later without being online. If you are ethical--as are we all--and don't give away or sell the resulting MP3s, you're still legal (even while you're not hampered by the ridiculous DRM schemes--another plus).

Anyway, I am wondering what, if any, Linux software is available to do this. I get the impression that mplayer <> will do it--although the documentation for that application, like so many others in the Linux world, is far from explicit in that regard. Again, it looks like if you're savvy about this stuff--maybe you have to be able to read the source, I dunno--then you can figure it out. But I'm not, or I don't have time to get up to speed. I'm looking for something that "just works" on Fedora Linux.

Of course, I can always move over to a Windows machine and do this, but I'm trying earnestly to move 100% over to Linux now, and this is one of those "must have" functions I'm looking to implement accordingly.

Any advice would be MOST welcome.

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