Re: please tell me somethig about QT Designer(Limitation)

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Hello Yogesh,

On Sat, 17 Jun 2006 12:53:49 +0530 (IST) [email protected] wrote:

> hi good luck to all
> please anyone give me some idea of QT DESIGNER
> can i use it for building window/web application/client-server technology
> mostly what is the limitation of qt on linux/windows

You could ask such question on the qt-interest mailing-list
(, but to me:

- qt designer allows creating/editing forms: .ui files (dialogs, windows,
IOW: GUI elements)

- .ui files can be used in your C++ projects, if you use Qt tools to process
them (uic/qmake)

- I've never heard of using .ui files in web apps, but it doesn't mean that
it's not possible, at least I think it's not the target of Qt designer
You should contact trolltech to get information about their product, and
how they fit your needs.

- and towards a client-server architecture.. Qt designer has nothing to do w/
this application architecture design but w/ forms design, IOW it's just a
form editor (and not the best one to me)

Building a windows/unix/web app, client-server, sounds more a job using
Genero (4gl language + you design forms adn use them on any client) than
Qt/C++ to me, but it's not the only (commercial or free) solution.



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