Re: [ANN] stablemirror - a yum plugin for stable, up-to-date mirrors

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Il giorno mar, 13/06/2006 alle 11.39 -0400, Tony Nelson ha scritto:

> >Another kind of sorting rules can be the speed of the mirror.
> There is already a plugin (fastestmirror) that attempts to do that, based
> on how quickly it can establish a connection.  I think that is the wrong
> problem, as fast, incorrect mirrors are no better than slow, incorrect
> mirrors.
You are right, but if you can find correct mirrors, and after that
choose which one is faster, all can be done better.

There is a possibility to write a plugin that is like the command yum
check-update, but that return a list of files that are to be downloaded?

I worked a little on that because I prefere rsync instead of wget, but I
don't want to download all the repos and all files in the repos.
With this list I can write a little script that download with rsync all
is necessary, and after launch a yum update starting from disks instead
of network


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