Squirrelmail issue

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After update to dovecot 1.0-0.beta8.1.fc5 and squirrelemail 1.4.6-7.fc5 running on FC5, x86_64,
I don`t see folder Sent, Trash and Draft in folders.

I see there error message instead :
*ERROR: Could not complete request.*
Query: CREATE "./Sent"
Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name: ./Sent

I can`t subscribe to any folder, no folders are visible. The newly created user on server has the same error after the first login.

When I deleted ./ from Folder Path and did Submit and refresh the webpage,
the error message disapperars and I can see one folder, Inbox and can`t subscribe to the folders again.

I can access the mailbox by imap fro Thunderbird, folders are there.

Messages from squirrelmail are sent but not copied to the Sent folder.

Itried to downgrade the squirrelmail to 1.4.6-5.fc5 but without any change.

What I can please try to fix it, please ?

Thank you, David Kredba

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