Re: Bizzaro system lockup/hang, possible kernel issue.

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> Jep I had this last night, while running yum: I started it at 11:45 pm
> and when I looked at my box this morning yum had stalled and the time
> was 0:45 am (the real time was 8:30 am). And ntpd is also running.
> I'm suspecting this has something to do with the kernel, but not sure.
> (running 2.6.16-1.2122_FC5). I've looked through all the logs, but it
> doesn't mention a thing.
> I hope this gets solved soon, has been quite irritating,
> Bart

Irritating isn't the word when it's happening to production servers ;) 

I've been through a bunch of patches for kernel, glibc, and ntp (client
+ server ) over the last few weeks but so far nothing has helped. I'm
hoping that reverting to the FC4 kernel will at least prove where the
problem lies. After that though I'll probably not be able to diagnose
much more.

If others are noticing the problem though I'll keep you posted. By the
way, are you using ResiserFS or ext3 ?

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