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Claude Yu wrote:
Hi there,
I am downloading Fedora Core-5 iso images and to install side by side with Window XP Pro already in the system. I would like someone help to suggest the best practice of setting dual-boot menu with Windows XP prof during
To give a bit of information about the existing partitions: Window XP Pro together with Mandrake 2006 Free edition running in dual boot menu. I prepare to erase Mandrake Linux partition(reason: sound problem not fix and Mandrake does not support free distribution)
and install Fedore Core 5.  Do I use GRUB by default?
Pls someone advises.  Thanks in advance.

Grub is the available boot loader for Fedora now. It should be able to boot both Windows and Fedora.

There is no sure thing that Fedora will work with your soundcard. It might be wise to reveal your sound card type and ask if other Fedora users have any problems.

The Fedora users usually are very helpful when given enough information to diagnose a problem.

Welcome to Fedora and I hope your computer related hardware works well using Fedora.

Best regards,
Claude YU

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