Re: screen saver and screen lock will not work on FC5

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Ed Greshko wrote:

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Erik Hemdal <ehemdal <at>> writes:
This will happen if you are logged in as root.  When the screensaver
runs as user root, it acts as though no one is logged on and that the
screen therefore should not be locked.
Huh? That's horribly broken. KDE's kscreensaver can lock the screen for root just fine.

Occurring as regular user here, too.
Or, at least, the screensaver does not begin and lock screen if I just walk away from the machine. If I manually lock the session by choosing this option from KMenu or right click on the desktop,
it is now functioning.  I couple of days ago, it was not.
No idea what changed that.

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