Re: yumex repeatedly upgrading and accompanying files

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Gene Heskett wrote:
I see yumex is busy downloading and installing it for the second time.
Thats a repeat of the 140 megabytes it downloaded and installed about 24 hours ago.

Any Idea why?

SELinux has interfered with the %post and %pre scriptlets contained within the rpm installation packages before with pup and yum itself in the past.

try running 'setenforce 0' before running the yumex updating program. The scriptlets should run successfully when SELinux only warns instead of denies.

%pre scriptlet failures usually kill the updating program. %post scriptlet errors usually report the program was installed but never actually complete the successful installation of the programs.

Filing a report related to yumex and a mention of an SELinux problem might help get yumex and SELinux working together instead of in separate directions would be possible after the problem(s) corrected.


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