Re: running shell scripts from external USB disk

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joukj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen) wrote:
Hi all,

I have a FC5 system with an internal disk and a external USB disk withanext3 partition on it. If a shell script (bash,csh etc..) is located on the
internal drive it works fine. If I copy it to the USB disk I get problems:

aaee-jj ) ./
./ Permission denied.
aaee-jj ) ty
aaee-jj ) ls -al *.sh
-rwx--x--x 1 joukj joukj 1683 Apr 10 15:36
-rwx------ 1 joukj joukj   12 May 16 16:15
aaee-jj ) who am i
joukj    pts/4        2006-05-19 16:03 (:0.0)
aaee-jj )


Check the contents of the script. You can get a "permission denied" from a command within the script. This will look just like you are getting "permission denied" for the script itself. Also, look at ownership and permissions for the files the script acts on. Could be the USB drive is getting mounted as owned by root or the UID or GID for the files are different on the USB drive than what you expect.


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