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> You cannot even boot a new computer without agreeing to the EULA.  The 
> service tech may do it in advance and you, as a user may never see it. 
>   It has happened to me.

As I'm finally getting an 'almost' new machine, (I stay firmly a few
cycles behind as I am cheap!) from a local shop, how do I go about
making sure that:

1.) ..I'm not paying MicroSoft a dime.
2.) sneaky sneak by the dealer hiding MS somewhere in the cost of
the system occurs.
3.) ..that I incur no nothng towards MS in this purchase.
4.) smell of MS on the darddrive.
5.) ..that the cost of MS is backed out of this deal. 
6.) ..I can remain the nice charitable fellow I am, being Bill Gates

Any thoughts on the matter will be appreciated. Ric

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