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In my experience, and this is just me, I've had problems with getting
the various laptop video cards to perfrom in a normal dual-monitor
setup.  It's pretty easy to get them to mirror the signal to the
separate monitor, all you usually have to do is plug it in or make
minor changes to your xorg.conf.  But usually they are problematic
with that.  I have a separate pci video card in my dock to run my LCD
as a second display.  If someone has had good experience in doing this
with any of the various Dell laptops I too would be interested in
learning how.  Otherwise you can get a cheap little pci card to put in
the dock.  I take you are interested in spanning your desktop over
both displays?

On 5/2/06, Jamie Bohr <[email protected]> wrote:
Sorry, it is an nVidia Corporation NV41 [Quadro FX Go1400]

On 5/2/06, Jonathan Davis <[email protected]> wrote:
> What type of video card do you have in the laptop?
> On 5/2/06, Jamie Bohr < [email protected]> wrote:
> > I have a Dell M70 (great system) laptop and a Dell LCD display.  I am
> > problems with display resolutions and getting the perfect setup.
> >
> > Can some one tell me if I can do the following?
> >
> > I would like to use the both displays when I have the laptop docked, the
> > windows users at work can do it so I would like to as well.  Also when
> > laptop is not
> > docked will it think there is a second display?
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