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On 5/1/06, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know if anything is wrong, I don't think I want the computer
to auto-mount CD's?  Auto-mount seems like a feature for a consumer
device like a CD/DVD player, I usually have data, text, etc. on mine.  Maybe
I'm missing something?

The default behavior for Fedora 5 includes automounting removable
media.  I don't like the "mount at {}" feature (for optical
media, anyway), so I wrote a HAL rule to override the volume name with
a fixed string -- "cdrecorder" in my case.  Now, all optical media
mount at /media/cdrecorder instead of /media/{}.

I've made no modifications to /etc/fstab to obtain this behavior.  As
a matter of fact, the mere presence of certain lines related to
/media/cdrecorder in /etc/fstab causes the mount not to appear in
/media (although it still appears on the desktop).  I filed a bug, but
haven't received any response.

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