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On Sunday 30 April 2006 1:10 pm, Stuart Sears wrote:
> Keith Powell wrote:
> > Hello!
> welcome.
> > Although I'm very much a Fedora newbie, I have been using other
> > Linux distros for some time and am OK with the "standard"
> > operations.
> >
> > However, I have got an FC5 magazine cover disk DVD and want to
> > try Fedora for the first time. I've installed it and initial
> > impressions are very good.
> >
> > There are some things which I have not come across before, such
> > as YAM, PIRUT, and PUP. I want to find out how to use these
> > packages, how to add repositories to them, and which repositories
> > to add. For example, I understand that I need to add livna in
> > order to install an nvidia driver. (My LCD monitor is off-centre
> > unless I use the nvidia driver, rather than the generic nv one.)
> ...or hit the auto-adjust button? :)
> livna we can deal with immediately, seeing as you asked. They
> package their yum setup as an RPM, so install it:
> rpm -Uvh  Indexed Packages: 
2207  /livna-release-5.rpm
> The nvidia drivers are called kmod-nvidia. You will need to run a
> system update first as they will not work with the FC5 release
> kernel.
> be careful adding repositories. Some conflict with others. Look at
> their websites first. Many of them tell you which repos they are
> designed to work with. Personally I use
> extras (comes already set up)
> livna (see above)
> kde-redhat (I'm a kde-weenie when I am not using fluxbox or
> similar) oh and the gstreamer-0.10 repos too (just to try them out,
> really)
> > There will be other things I will find which are new to me as
> > well. Is there a manual on using Fedora which I could download
> > and print out? I would rather do this than keep bombarding the
> > list with basic questions. There is no document included on the
> > DVD.
>#  Indexed Packages: 2207  
> not a manual as such, no.
> however there are some very good online docs.
> You could print a lot of them off I suppose.
> Please read the FAQs #  Indexed Packages: 2207  first and search the 
archives (or google).
> After that, on the whole, any questions tend to be welcome here.
> There are a lot of folk here who will gladly answer you.
> try these first:
> (a little outdated now, still talks about
> FC4)
> Regards
> Stuart


Thank you very much for your help. You have given me a good start to 
get to know Fedora.

I have tried several distributions during the past 12 months, but most 
of them didn't last long on my hard drive. It looks as though Fedora 
will last!

The "auto-adjust" button on my monitor works with some distros, and 
centres the picture. But, there are some with which it doesn't work, 
and Fedora is one. That's why I would like to install the nvidia 
driver fairly quickly.



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