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Jonathan Allen wrote:
Hi All,

Moving right along with this issue, Kevin recommended:
xinit /usr/bin/ssh servername "startkde&" -- /usr/bin/Xnest :1 -ac -fp unix/:7100

On my machine, the Xnest path is /usr/bin/X11/Xnest but it started.  Then
is sat furiously looping on the xterm session asking for the password of
the account on the server - and I couldn't type anything.  Had to ^C to
break out.  How do I move forward from here ?

I have it setup so ssh does not ask me for a password. Not really familiar with any alternatives to this but I can help you with ssh.

Generate a key:

ssh-keygen -t dsa

It will ask you for a passphrase. If you leave it blank your private key will be unprotected. If you set the passphrase you will need to start ssh-agent and add your keys before you do the Xnest.

Next copy your public key to the known_hosts file on the target machine.

cat ~/.ssh/ |ssh servername "cat >>~/.ssh/known_hosts"

(That command looks ugly but it was my attempt at not clobbering the known_hosts file if there already is one) Now "ssh servername" should login without a password. If you set the passphrase it will still ask you for that. To help with that you need to start the agent and add your keys.


Then, run "ssh servername". It shouldn't ask you for a password or passphrase.

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