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| From: J. K. Cliburn <jcliburn@xxxxxxxxx>
| On 4/19/06, Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen <joukj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

| > I have an external usb-disk with 2 partitions. When inserting it, it assigns
| > "random" mountpoints (i.e. /media/disk and /media/disk-1) to the partions.
| > I would like to have fixed mount points.

| > How can I perform the mount to a fixed mountpoint only when the disk is
| > present?
| One way that might work involves overriding the {} that HAL
| wants to use as a mount point.  It'll still be a dynamic mount, but at
| least you know where it's going to mount each time.  See this link for
| details.

Actually, I would guess that Jacob would find it easier to just add
volume labels to each partition.

For ext2 or ext3, use the e2label(8) command.

For vfat, I've generally resorted to WinXP.  Right click on the disk
icon, select properties, and type in a name in the box at the top.

See the part of my old message under the section "Changing the mount

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