Re: FC5 + new gnome terminal goes to background

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Yonas Abraham <yonas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>is this a new future  in Gnome 2.14? when I have a gnome terminal open
>and if i try to open a new terminal from File --> Open new terminal, the
>new terminal hides behind the old one. how do I disable this future? I
>want the new terminal to be an active terminal. Specially it confuses me
>when the old one was a full screen, I keep opening new terminal as I
>can't see the new once, unless i pay attention to the task bar.

With the version of metacity that comes with FC5 you can't disable this
feature.  However, so many people complained about it that the Gnome
developers have released an update that does make it configurable (and
retores the default behaviour to the way it was in 2.12).

You can pick up an RPM of metacity with this patch from the Fedora Core
updates-testing repository:

>but why would any one open a new terminal and wants it to hide in the

It's not something I'd ever want, but there are people out there who
never want new windows to take focus from the one they're working in.


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