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On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 16:06 -0700, Kevin Grover wrote:
> I installed FC5 (at work) from an NFS mount.  I picked the 'customize
> later' option on intial install rather than spend the time to select
> individual packages.  When I run 'Add/Remove Software' from the Gnome
> (metacity) WM, a GUI pops up, it thinks for a while and gives me an
> error:
> 'unable to retrieve software information'

> If there's some other program I can use, or if I can get rpm or yum to
> let me select packages.  I want to install the KDE stuff, some other
> WMs, and set XDMCP to be launchable from Applications (?? I think
> menu) on the login screen.  I know XDMCP is not secure, it does not
> matter: the network this will run on a physically secure.
> Everything worked fine (installing new software with pirut) on my home
> machine (which is connected to the Internet).
> Any help appreciated.
> [[FC5 seams to have so much documentation, but never anything I'm
> really lookiing for]]

I suggest trying Kyum, which will provide package information for each
rpm that you select.  It will also install software groups.  Screenshot:

Kyum is on the livna repos.


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