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My PC: Athlon XP2000+, Matrox G550 AGP card (32Mb gfx RAM).

When I ran glxgears under FC4, I got about 1200 fps. After upgrading to
FC5 and the new xorg, I get 600 fps.

I know glxgears isn't a benchmark as such, but both of these measurements
where taken right after a reboot with nothing else running and with the
default window size. Considering that the rest of the GNOME interface
seems pretty sluggish and awful, I'm left with the conclusion that someone
has broken the mga driver. After upgrading to FC5 I had to make one change
to xorg.conf -- that is to add:

   Option "OldDMAInit" "true"

or the dri was disabled... other than that, everything is the same.

Does anyone have an explanation or advice? It look a lot like no-one cares
about the Matrox free software drivers anymore. If this is the case, then
it's probably a good idea to say it clearly, since a lot of people do have
these cards.

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