Re: FC5/Desktop/NvidiaGF4MX Suspend to RAM (S3) -- Resumes ok, then hangs after a few secs

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I have fought with the Nvidia problem. I have GO5200FX in a Dell
Latitude 800 laptop.  The video does not "wake up" after a suspend.
About one half of the time, the system is running and I can ssh into
it and restart.  Sometimes I have the lockup, possibly because of dma
you mention.

I've found that the black screen after resume might mean the system is
running, but the video is not working. If you are in the console, then
the "vbetool post" will wake up the video, but if X is running, then
everything is static.  ALso, you can type commands if a terminal or
console happens to be open, even if the screen is black.  so
"poweroff" works.


On 4/5/06, k.healy <k.healy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > I don't know if its the Nvidia driver thats causing the
> > lock-up after 20 secs, or something else - I saw some
> > comments that the usb drivers have caused lockups on resume
> > in the past.
> >
> Just an update on this - I've managed to track down the cause to ide dma.
> Adding the kernel option ide=nodma prevents the lockup from happening.
> I'm going to take this over to the fedora-devel list to try and debug the
> problem further.
> Ken
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