USB Phone in FC5

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I'm trying to get my Yamamoto DeepRed USB phone to work with FC5 (it
didn't work with FC4 either).

It is present on the system:

[robin@tosh asound]$ cat /proc/asound/cards
 0 [ICH5           ]: ICH4 - Intel ICH5
                      Intel ICH5 with ALC202 at 0xc0000c00, irq 18
 1 [Modem          ]: ICH-MODEM - Intel ICH5 Modem
                      Intel ICH5 Modem at 0x2400, irq 18
 2 [default        ]: USB-Audio - VOIP USB Phone
                      Yealink Network Technology Ltd. VOIP USB Phone at

How do I configure my system to be able to use this device?

Ultimately, I'd like to use this with Skype.



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