Re: Soundblaster Audigy SE

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magicus writes:

Anne Wilson wrote:

On Saturday 25 March 2006 23:14, pepone pepone wrote:

try to unmute your card in the mixer

Run alsamixer in a user console - move about by keyboard arrows. I can't remember which channel it is, but for my Audigy 1 card you get white noise until you mute one particular channel. Just experiment.

For me it was not hearing anything at all rather than white noise. The sound detection found the correct card and all (an Audigy 1) and attempting to l[play the sound brought forth a roaring silence.

For me it turned out to be "Audigy A". I noted it in my blog so I can find the answer the NEXT time it happens... :-)

Looks like Audigy SE's driver has a bug that's supposed to be fixed in 2.6.16. I'm waiting for a 2.6.16 errata for FC4.

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