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Chasecreek Systemhouse wrote:
OK, I know I am not really suposed to do this but I need to keep my
current 4.9x build; that said what files do I need to change so that
the $releasever and related *yum* variables are populated with "5"
instead of 4.92, etc?

I tried changing the /etc/yum.repos.d files themselves but it seems broken now.

Anyone have some hints?  =)
WC (Bill) Jones --

You can download the fedora-release package from the os directory for FC5 on a selected mirror. You will need to use rpm to install the fedora-release packages.

Also, since you edited the files, the new repo files will probably be saved with an rpmnew extension. Move the messed up files out of the way and take off the rpmnew file extension from the repo files with the March 14th date. The March 14th dated files are the correct versions.

After making the corrections to the repo files, running yum should work as desired.


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