Re: fc3: where to get newest kernel from ?

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On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 22:39 -0800, John Wendel wrote:
> I think you're correct that RH applies a lot of kernel patches, but
> I've never bothered. If they're really needed, then Linus would have
> pulled them into the "standard" kernel.

While that's probably true, I was thinking that they'd probably have
customised things for their own distribution.  i.e. It might be
dependent on what they did, rather than what they did being particularly
beneficial to one and all.

It has been ages since I had a go at compiling a kernel.  It seemed
relatively painless, but then I was only adjusting a Red Hat one
slightly differently, not jumping in the deep end (I hadn't tried from
scratch).  Though I didn't manage to succeed at what I wanted to do,
which was set it up so it could read the old Amiga Fast File System
(I've some data on an old drive I want to extract).

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