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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> Not possible. But it is finding the machine, now, I just have a password
>> problem.
>> Maybe encryption?
>> Thanks!
>> Mike
> I am trying to remember if LANMAN will do unencrypted passwords. I
> know it works with encrypted passwords. There used to be something
> in the Samba documentation about that, but I could not find it when
> I went looking for it.
I spoke too soon. I could not find the section on LANMAN, but I did
find the one on Windows For Workgroups. This may be your password
problem when using unencrypted passwords.

Windows for Workgroups uppercases the password before sending it to
the server. UNIX passwords can be case-sensitive though. Check the
smb.conf information on password level to specify what characters
Samba should try to uppercase when checking.

I am fairly sure that LANMAN does the same thing.


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