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Alessandro Brezzi wrote:

2006/3/7, Bob Goodwin <bobgoodwin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:bobgoodwin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>:

    I have two FC4/mysql4.1 computers I
    believe to be set up identically, I
    installed mysql5 in both, the first one
    made the change without a hitch but the
    second refuses to install with the error

    "./bin/mysqld: error while loading
    shared libraries:
    cannot open shared object file: No such
    file or directory
    Installation of system tables failed!"

    Libstdc++  appears to be present?

    Can anyone offer a helpful suggestion?


Have you installed the compatibility package in the second box? The is used in a previous gcc release. Search the package with:
yum provides
in both box.

Alessandro Brezzi

Thank you for your response.

After seeing another similar problem [Installing vuescan] here on the list
my problem is solved after a lot of wasted effort over the last few days.

Fixed it with "compat-libstdc++-33" which yum had left in this computer and I
copied/installed the rpm.

Thanks  BobG

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