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Timothy Murphy wrote:
Is a WiFi card working with hostap
just as good as a kosher Access Point?

If so, can anyone recommend a card
which works with hostap in Fedora-4?
As far as I can see, my Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card
(in a PCI-to-PCMCIA adaptor)
does not work with hostap.
I don't know that anything needs hostap now. My netcomm card (no longer current) has a prism54 chipset, works fine as outlined below.
Basically, I want to allow my grand-daughter's Sony PSP
to communicate with the world,
and that seems to require an Access Point.

"eth1" represents your wireless network card. It could be something different.
ifconfig eth1 # and other stuff
iwconfig eth1 mode master key s:freds # and maybe other stuff

It should be possible to configure most of this stuff with the standard network configuration tools.
Brands and models don't mean a lot, what's important is the chipset
inside. Atheros seems to work well, and I've seen both D-link and
Netgear gear so labelled. You will need to build the driver from source
to use it with FC, but doing that's quite simple.
"Real" access points have the advantage of being small, and you can tuck
them away out of the way, so long as they're on the wire, and just leave
them running (but do secure it, you probably don't want someone using
the internet at your expense, sending bulk email from your account or
snooping your passwords).
I use a Linksys wrt54g, largely because it runs Linux and there are
alternative firmwares available for it.



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