Re: System Crash Troubleshooting

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Bazooka Joe wrote ..
> I would think this is a hardware issue.
> start w/ replacing the ram and see if that fixes it.  if not keep replacing
> components until stable.

Well that's certainly a possibility.  However, every time in the past this happens, re-installing the operating system fixes it.  So while it's possible, I consider it unlikely and WAY TO EXPENSIVE to shotgun it that way.

Point taken though, I think I'll run the RAM test program that is on the Fedora install disks.

Unfortunately, I don't see how faulty hardware can cause the session messages that I keep getting.  Looking again at my logs it seems they run every five minutes which led me to check CRON.  the only thing that appears to be running every 5 minutes is mrtg and disabling that did not get rid of the messages.  It appears that some rogue program is running in the background and I need to narrow down what it is.

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