Re: Bocking IP's rather than Email domains

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On Sat, 2006-02-18 at 11:02 +0800, LC wrote:
> > Unless you've applied a lot of patches, Qmail really isn't a very good 
> > server.  Most significantly, it doesn't check the recipients of messages 
> > before accepting them.  I used to run Qmail, and it was a major hassle.
> So apply all the patches and u will have a very good server.
> Patch it with chkuser and it will check for local vpopmail users, envelope 
> syntax.
> > I recommend Courier to Qmail users, since you'll find it very similar. It 
> > has a considerably better feature set, to boot. 
> > (
> I use courier only for imap. best imap server around. 

As far as I know I patch the crap out of it when installing it! LOL  And
yes I agree courier-imap is awesome. That is what i am using. :)
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