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Hey, you use linux, how do you feel about being a 'communist' and a

I'm neither. I'm a user. As it happens I have no leftists leanings
at all. Or even rightist. I'm no kind of socialist, and dislike
socialism altogether, whether left or right.

But what has politics to do with Fedora, except incidentally?

It does dump hundreds of copies of the COPYING file with
it's redefinition of 'freedom' and implicit political
statement on your hard drive.  They are pretty much inseparable.

There is no such thing as absolute freedom. That there are many possible tradeoffs is a fact independent of politics. Specific sets of tradeoffs are also somewhat independent of politics although political parties are very much dependent on the sets of tradeoffs they espouse.

You're reversing a logical dependency, and, no, the GPL does not attempt to alter the definition of freedom, even though it advocates sets of tradeoffs that are not in vogue in the current eco-political climate. It so happens that the tradeoffs the GPL advocates have a very large overlap with the tradeoffs advocated by the people who wrote the Constitution of the US, much more so than with any other set that has been advocated by any other group of political, economic, or social philosophers that I am aware of. The GPL is in sharp contradiction to the theories of communism and socialism. That the current society in the US has so far diverged from the spirit of their own Constitution is regrettable, and the contrasts between the GPL and current business practice in the US are much less a call to preserve the status quo than a call for Americans to start defending their own freedoms by making tradeoffs which make other people free instead of trying to gain all the money (and the illusory freedom therein) for themselves.

Freedom is one of those things that you don't get more of by keeping others from getting their share.

Sorry I don't have time to write shorter sentences today.

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