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Anne Wilson wrote:
> <g>  Just how anomalous can you get?  This was two drives, same manufacturer, 
> same model number.  They did not work correctly when cabled as the diagram on 
> the drive label suggested, but did if I removed the jumper on the master 
> drive.  Crazy!
> Once upon a time I used to tell people that computers were logical.  I don't 
> risk my neck any longer <g>
> Anne
I suspect that some drive manufacturers are not testing the
master/slave jumper settings the way they should. This is
especially true when they sell most of their drive to OEMs.
They tend to use CS because it makes assembly simple.

Anne, you may want to check to see if there is more then one
"master with slave" or "slave" jumper configuration setting
for your drives. They are not always listed on the drive label,
but they usually listed in the quick start guide. It would not
be the first time the listed settings work when using the drive
with a CD-ROM, but not when using two drives. I have even run
into a drive or two where the settings listed in the manual were
different then the ones listed on the drive. The manual was
updated, but the label on the drive was not.

What you may have is two drives that are supposed to be the same,
but were built in different places. It should not make any
difference, but sometimes it does. Or you could have a pair of
drives that work fine when they are both using CS, but not when
using master/slave - at least not with the listed jumper settings.


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