Re: Combine a 2.4 GHz pc with a 500 Mhz pc?

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On 2/10/06, Mike McCarty <mike.mccarty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I'm not completely against the idea of giving out a private address, but
> > I'm sure other people would also be interested in such information.
> > Unless you want to discuss non-Fedora Linux on old boxes, I'd say that
> > the list is appropriate.
> I'm interested in running any version of Linux on a 486 (AMD586, but
> Intel 486 class) with 16MB of memory. I suspect that no version of
> Fedora can run in 16MB of RAM.

They even have a mailing list.

> > The last time I tried Linux on a 486, though, was Red Hat 6.x Linux on a
> > friend's < 100MHz, < 100 MB, PC.
> What I want is to be able to start up a network and back up that
> machine over the network. Currently it runs MSDOS 6.0, which I want
> to retain on it. So I want a temporary boot.
> I also have a 90MHz Pentium machine (possible Pentium II) with
> 32MB of RAM I'd like to put Linux on.

Almost certainly not a p2 if it is 90Mhz, not that it matters much.

> If you think that Fedora would be comfortable on either of those
> machines (I'd have to make some sort of LiveCD for the MSDOS
> machine), then I guess this is a reasonable forum. Actually,
> I don't know where there is a forum for this type of discussion.
> Mike

DSL is pretty good as a Live CD with networking capabilities. 32MB is
plenty of RAM.

Once you get past the installer and kernel issues, it isn't that hard
to use such an old system. Especially if you can use a high-res
framebuffer console, Elinks+gpm is great, and an X server at 8bpp is
even better. Who wants to see all those gifs, anyways?

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