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My trouble is, it asks for a disc.  I insert a new, blank disc, and it
looks at it and repeats, "Please put a blank disc ... into the drive."  >It will do that as many times as I punch retry.

Bogdan wrote:

I belive your problem could be from the following sources:
1. Your system hasn't recognized your CD Writer at all as a CD Writer. What dmesg says?

After trying to use Gtoaster, see 3, below, it said "cdrom: open failed," twice.

2. Your system has recognized your CD Writer but the permissions are wrong (you should be able to write with your user, or your user should be in a group that can write on the CD Writer). What ls -l /dev/cdrwdevice says?

I didn't find cdrwdevice, but /dev/ contains a file called "cdwriter."

3. Your Gnome's Nautilus is crashed somewhere. Try directly with cdrecord, xcdroast or k3b (whatever suits you best)

If I drag and drop into Gnome Toaster, it goes through all the motions of recording, but then says something like, "Child exited unexpectely" and crashes.

Thank you,

Andy Pickens

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