Re: Disable krb5 telnetd authentication

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Stuart Sears wrote:
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J. K. Cliburn wrote:

Can someone please tell me how to configure /usr/kerberos/bin/telnetd to
turn off kerberos authentication?  I'm starting telnetd within xinetd
with the following /etc/xinetd.d/krb5.telnet file:

sure. Well almost.
you'll need to use the non-krb5 telnet server for this.
(Assuming you have no need for kerberos)

#Install the telnet-server package
yum install telnet -server

#turn off the kerberised version
chkconfig krb5-telnet off

# turn on the non-kerberised server:
chkconfig telnet on

it is vital that you turn off the krb5-telnet service here as it will be
used for preference if you do not, even if the 'normal' telnet service
is on.

Thanks Stuart, but I'm familiar with how to configure an unkerberized telnet server. I ran across this kerberized telnetd issue while helping someone else get telnet service running. My recommendation to him was the same as yours is to me: run an unkerberized telnet server. However, I got curious and started reading and discovered that the kerberized telnetd that ships with FC4 appears to support unkerberized connections if properly configured, but only if it was compiled to support it. After having that telnetd spurn all my attempts to configure it to allow non-authenticated connections, I can only surmise that it wasn't compiled to support the AUTHENTICATION option.


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