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On Thursday 02 Feb 2006 15:40, Hongwei Li wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question about .procmailrc.  Recently, our users received a
> lot of junk emails that have the subject like:
> Aaa Bbbb Ccc/Xxxx Yyy/Zzzz Dddd/Eeee is out of the office.
> I want to set a line in procmailrc to put those emails in folder
> Trash.  I
> tried it as:
> :0:
> * ^Subject:.**
> $MAILDIR/Trash
> But, it does not work -- the mail still does to inbox.  I think the
> problem is the part "Aaa Bbbb Ccc/Xxxx Yyy/Zzzz Dddd/Eeee",
> especially the slash /
> How to change the code to do the job?
Are these maildir or mbox folders?  From the format above it sounds like 
mbox.  Perhaps these sample stanzas from mine will help if they are 

* ^Subject: .*(Blogger post failed|DBMAIL: delivery failure)

* ^Subject: .*(embroider|cross-stitch)

The first consigns messages with either of the two strings to /dev/null, 
the second directs messages to the Sewing sub-folder.

If you are using mbox you will need locking, so ':0' becomes ':0:' and 
you should remove the final slash from the folder name.  HTH

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