Re: can't install vlc via yum

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On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 06:07, James Pifer wrote:

> As a side note, what is the difference between vlc and videolan-client
> anyway? Why does the vlc package require so many more dependencies than
> videolan-client?

They should be the same program, just built in incompatible ways.
Livna makes an effort to build against the available packages
in the fedora core/extras repositories and never replace them
with conflicting versions.  If you follow this mailing list
very long you will see problems mentioned regarding most of
the other third-party repositories and incompatible dependencies.
If you take a stock FC4 and add only the livna repository,
vlc will install along with all the dependencies, most of
which will be pulled from extras.

 Les Mikesell

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