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Rickey Moore wrote:

Fedoration greets,
I'm hoping to develop a tablet clientdevice, no keyboard, no mouse, just a touchscreen and wireless and a static operating system burned onto a DVD, live filesystem in ram. I'd like to not have to use a
harddrive at all. Just the DVD to boot from and ram and wireless combination for any file writing.  Any
pointers in that direction would be appreciated.
I understand that the Japanese have developed such machines to a high art for their education system. I
don't want any input devices other than the touch screen for high security purposes... no output
hardware besides the LED screen , wireless, and an audio jack. The case would have to be high impact
rated, such as lexan material, and the box battery powered. Thumbprint login for security.
My idea is that with virtually no input other than the touchscreen, it'll be secure as hell. Finally, it has
to be cheap. Very cheap, if I'm to propose my !
to state agencies. <cackles> Thanx, in advance, for
any considerations, Ric

Touchscreens are pretty hard to manage systems where entering text information is needed. The touchscreen is closer to a mouse than a text entering device. Keep that fact in mind if you plan on being able to customize the device at any time.
Good luck with the project.

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