Re: How to compile in Fedora?

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Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> Hi
>>>> I still like Fedora the best because of its huge flexibility, but it
>>>> does take a bit more work to set up, which for the technically
>>>> challenged, makes it a bit hard to recommend. 
>>> Some specific ideas on what could be improved will help drive the
>>> changes in the subsequent releases. It is a bit late for Fedora Core 5
>>> for things not planned to be done already though.
>> I have seen your name before. ;-) Actually I believe you replied to a
>> question
>> of mine. People like you, and many others, whose names I will remember
>> much
>> better later have helped me in the short time that I have been 'here'.
>> Perhaps
>> you remember. I had the question about listing duplicate file names with
>> different versions in the rpm DB?
> Dont remember that. Been answering way too many questions to remember
> specific instances
>> Okay. I understand the concept of "specific ideas". Please. Sent to
>> where?
>> Directed to who? Worded how?
> If its specific enough it can be filed as bug reports and requests for
> enhancements to If it requires discussions
> present concise proposals to fedora-devel list.
Thank you.



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