Re: Boot pelo disquete para instalação do Fedora 4

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On Tue, 2006-01-24 at 16:13 -0200, Fábio Augusto wrote:
> Thanks a lot by the answer... I didn't explain very well... I don't
> have the CD Driver, that's the big problem...

There's some confusion in your description.  If you use the wrong
terminology, people don't really know what you mean.

  CD drive:  A disc drive that reads CDs.
  CD driver:  Software so your PC can make use of the CD drive.

> I'm going to install fedora in a lab with many computers, but I have
> just one CD Reader...

You can install onto that PC, then network install from it.
You can move the CD drive from one PC to the next.
You can remove each HDD, put it into the first PC, and install to their
drives one by one.
Or, much quicker, temporarily put their HDDs into the first PC, and 
clone the first installation onto the other drives.

There's probably other options, too.  But the last one is the quickest
option that I can think of.  If you have identical HDDs, use a tool from
their manufacturer's website to clone disk drives, it's very quick and
simple.  If you have differing drives, then you can do it via the file
copy method. 

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