IMAP client (was: KDE vs Gnome)

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On Tuesday, January 17, 2006 2:36 PM +1030 Tim <ignored_mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I rarely see a Linux window manager.)

Hmm, I see this in your headers:  X-Mailer: Mulberry/3.1.6 (Win32)


Ah, you caught me! ;) But I rarely reach for the mouse except to switch apps and click links in Firefox.

Now that Mulberry is no longer developed, any suggestions for a good alternative IMAP client? I like the 3-pane view but I'm not that big a fan of Thunderbird, as it displays all folders in the folder tree, not just those with new mail.

I'll probably continue using Mulberry for a long time (I can also use it on a Linux GUI) but I know that its issues will never be fixed, so I'd like to start looking for a replacement under active development, preferably cross-platform so I can use it at the office under Win32.

Mulberry has almost as many knobs as Emacs, and I'd hate to give up most of them, so this is going to be a hard search.

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