Re: How to reinstall windows xp

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Igor Guarisma wrote:
Well, I don't understand quite well your problem, because installing Windows is like clicking Next ... Next .. Next ...

I guess that you want to connect to your Linux Server from Windows XP, so I recommend getting CYGWIN X so you can get the more out of your Linux server from any Windows system.

*/Michael Wright <michael_wright@xxxxxxxxxxx>/* escribió:

    Hi guys

    I'm trying to re-install windows XP home on an acer Aspire 3610,
    I'm using fedrocore 4 as a operating server. how can i install windows
    xp home.

    need it to remotely loggin to my server using xp home..


I wonder if he wants to install Windows after Linux is installed. This is the way I understand it. Linux on the first partition and wanting to install Linux on the second partition.

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