Re: Network Manager drops wireless connections

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> 1. wireless is inherently flaky. Even in close proximity to a WAP, I get
> temporary dropoffs. Usually, NM will restore the connection within a few
> minutes.
> 2. NM is beta, no? Still needs to be fine-tuned...


While I agree, more or less, with both statements (although for me NM does not 
restore any connections) this is something new for me - For a long while 
everything worked just fine, no drop offs. Then, suddenly (of the order of 
since Christmas) I have started experiencing these. Nothing has changed on 
the wireless router side, so I am guessing something has on my system, since 
I update regularly. Also I am sitting real close to the router so wireless 
strength should not be a problem.

So, for me it seems likely something has changed on my system which causes 
these problems. If possible I would like to track it down, if only to 
understand whats going on, but I accept I may have to live with it and hope 
it gets fixed in a future update.

cheers Chris

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