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> Are you refering to the browser-based VNC servers that serve in Java?
> I have a VNC client on the wife's winbox and performance is terrible
> even over the LAN at home. I have not yet configured the router for
> remote access, but if it is any worse than on the LAN (and it must be)
> than it would be almost unusable.
> Other than that, this is a better solution than the mutt solution that
> I proposed because Hebrew email does not display well in mutt.
> Dotan Cohen
I have been accessing my home desktop via VNC for some time.
I use turn on the VNC modules in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
I port forward port 5902 (for example) at work (university in
your case) to port 5900 at home in my ssh config (works on both
windows and unix's).  I then vnc to localhost:2 and it opens
my whole home desktop.  I have access to all the applications.
If someone sends me an mpg or jpg or something hard to view, I
just forward it to work.

Using the non-Java/browser version has given real decent performance
for me.

Bob Styma

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